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Welcome to my collection of American Top 40 syndicated radio shows featuring Casey Kasem. My collection is definitely incomplete, as the local market had gaps, in that over the years at least four radio stations had the contract to air the shows. I collected as many of the actual LPs from the stations as possible. Sometimes I was only able to borrow the LPs. In that situation, I recorded the show onto reel-to-reel tape, which have all been transferred to WAV files.

Most of the LP boxes have the cue sheets. Sometimes the board operator wrote on the cue sheets. So, not all cue sheets are clean.

Select the year from the following selections:

Year Shows Year Shows Year Shows Year Shows
1972 19 1973 34 1974 25 1975 36
1976 4 1978 13 1979 42 1980 13

AT40 Documentation

AT40 Operation Manual (Circa 1974) PDF 32 MB [Right-Click on the link and do a Save-As]

Various Letters/Inserts PDF 33 MB [Right-Click on the link and do a Save-As] {UPDATED: 5/15/12 1010 CT}

Various Billboard Ads PDF 35 MB [Right-Click on the link and do a Save-As]

AT40 News Clippings

Casey Kasem Billboard interview (300 dpi scan of articles):

Various Billboard Articles PDF 21 MB [Right-Click on the link and do a Save-As]

AT40 LP Box Covers/Labels of the 1970s/80s

AT40 LP Box Cover First Used Comment
American Top 40 LP Box 734-10 714-3
First LP cover design in my collection.
Design used when first shipment of LPs started.
Previously shipped on 10.5" reel-to-reel tapes.
American Top 40 LP Box 741-3 741-1
They finally went to an all white box using the same cover design.
American Top 40 LP Box 754-4 742-4
The same basic design was kept, but now they added the border.
American Top 40 LP Box 801-10 794-11
Major redesign. Now the LP box is a solid blue with new artwork.
American Top 40 LP Box 804-7 802-12
They needed to add the Watermark logo.
American Top 40 LP Label All LPs The STEREO was added when they started shipping LPs in stereo,
which was with show 731-8 (2/24/73).
But, many stereo LPs used the old mono labels until they got used up.

NOTE: Thanks to Pete Battistini for looking in his collection to fill in the gaps as to when cover designs potentially started. It is possible that a change in design started shipping before the time frames indicated above, as stock was also being depleted and it was the luck of the draw as to which one we ended up with within our collections. For example, Pete has in his collection both a white box and blue box for show 794-11.


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